Train derailment, Killurin, 11th of November 1922

Wrecked train at Killurin

A wrecked goods train at Killurin, Co. Wexford (Engine No. 18). It was stopped by the anti-Treaty IRA on Wednesday night, the 11th of November 1922. They then removed its crew and sent the train steaming towards a point in the line where the sleepers had been removed. This caused the engine and two of the carriages to leave the tracks and roll down the embankment into the river Slaney. Attacks on the railway infrastructure were a characteristic feature of the the Civil War in Wexford, with numerous trains, bridges and tracks destroyed during the course of the conflict.


Furlong, N. (210) County Wexford in the Rare Old Times, 1880-1980, Distillery Press, Wexford, p. 198

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