Ardcandrisk, Wexford. Bridge Destroyed and Deadly Ambush

A repaired Ardcandrisk bridge, just outside Wexford town. It was just one of over 40 bridges which were blown up/destroyed during the Civil War in Wexford. They were damaged by the anti-Treaty IRA who were attempting to restrict the ability of Free State troops to move freely around the county.

A Leyland troop carrying lorry similar to one attacked at Ardcandrisk. This Civil war era photo is from Bruff, Co. Limerick (National Library of Ireland collections) .

Ardcandrisk was also scene of an ambush on a Free State convey in December 1922, which saw one soldier killed and two others wounded when a land mine exploded beneath their Leyland lorry.  The dead soldier was John Dooley from Newbridge, Co Kildare, while the injured men were Timothy Washington and Lieutenant Darby.



Leinster Leader newspaper, 9-12-1922, p. 17

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