Train derailment, Killurin, August 15th, 1922

Irish civil war train derailment Killurin Wexford

A train which was derailed by the anti-Treaty IRA at Killurin, Co. Wexford on the 15th of August 1922. Two of the rails had been removed from the track just outside the tunnel. When the locomotive hit this damaged section it careered along the sleepers for another 150 meters before finally turning over.


Barry, M (2014) The Green Divide. An Illustrated History of the Irish Civil War Andalus Press, Dublin, p. 138

One Reply to “Train derailment, Killurin, August 15th, 1922”

  1. That was my Great Grandad driving that train, George Turner and his son, drove the train from Shillelagh to Woodenbridge.
    I would very much appreciate it if you could share with me any photo’s and further information with me, via my email.


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